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Site and Announcements

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How to get the most out the website
We show you tips to get the most out of the Straw Bale Garden Club website
Last Post: REGISTERING FOR A WEBINAR by joelkarsten Roseville, MN
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In the News!

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Straw Bale gardening in the news
Have you been on a local TV segment or have a link to a local segment on Straw Bale gardening you would like to share? You can share it right here!
Last Post: Wood Frames around the bales by joelkarsten Roseville, MN
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Dealing with Pests

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Bees, Ants, Rodents, Rabbits, Deer and other pests
This is the forum to discuss problems with pests
Last Post: Groundhogs by Jason B Ruckersville, VA
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Getting Started

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Common Questions
Here we discuss common questions that most people have when they first start their Straw Bale Garden.
Last Post: starw bales in raised beds? by Annie B W Madison, GA
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We answer general questions on planting here
Last Post: Preparing and conditioning bales- nitrogen source by joelkarsten Roseville, MN
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Growing Vegetables

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Growing Tomatoes
We discuss growing tomatoes and heirloom tomatoes in the forum.
Last Post: Mildew on tomatoe leaves from rain-soaked bales by smiling dragon Rochester, MN
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Growing Spinach
Growing spinach this year? Come on in a let us know how it's going.
Last Post: Why is my spinach is stunted? by joelkarsten Roseville, MN
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Growing Zucchini and Squash
Want to grow Zucchini and other squash? We can answer your questions here.
Last Post: Planting Zukes on top or side of bale? by bigtoad78 evansville, IN
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Growing Peppers
We discuss growing peppers in this forum.
Last Post: My First Green Peppers by joelkarsten Roseville, MN
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Growing Potatoes
Growing potatoes? This is the place to be so come on in.
Last Post: When do I harvest my potatoes? by btroye Hager City, Wi
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This is where we discuss growing Squash, Pumpkins, Watermelon and anything else that grows on vines
Last Post: Pumpkins & cucumbers by John W H FOREST GROVE, OR
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Growing Herbs

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Herbs are the spice of life
Have a question on growing Herbs? Post it here. We grow them in and on the side of the bales.
Last Post: Mint? by joelkarsten Roseville, MN
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Organic Straw Bale Gardening

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Getting started with organic gardening
Discuss how to prep the bales and get started growing your own organic vegetables.
Last Post: DIY Organic Potting Mix by John W H FOREST GROVE, OR
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Growing Flowers

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Flowers, Flowers everywhere!
Growing beautiful flowers? They make a garden look GREAT! Let's show everyone how it's done.
Last Post: Dahlia's by joelkarsten Roseville, MN
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Trying something new?
Share what you are experimenting with and see if others are too.
Last Post: Probiotics and Azomite? by John W H FOREST GROVE, OR
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Everything Else

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Open Forum
Let's have some fun by having a forum for anything you want to discuss.
Last Post: straw bale collapse by Nathan N Westford, MA
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